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Lookout Mountain Real Estate, LLC and Lookout Mountain Development Company, LLC were both founded and located strategically based on three key elements.  The first is location:  Lookout Mountain is located at the southern end of the Appalachian Mountains and on the east side of the Cumberland Plateau.  Lookout Mountain is a hybrid mountain because it has the elevation of some of the Appalachian Mountains and the top is much like that of the Cumberland Plateau. 

This combination provides for a very temperate climate with four true seasons, none of them severe, which many “half-backers” desire. The topography of the mountain also makes building much easier and provides many more locations with the plateau like mountain top.  Secondly, the location of Lookout Mountain it is very accessible to many people, being less than two hours from Atlanta, Birmingham, and Nashville and less than 45 minutes to downtown Chattanooga. 

This makes Lookout Mountain an easy drive for a weekend get-away or a trip to Chattanooga for baseball, symphony, or to the art district.  Those from Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and the Panhandle of Florida find the access to Lookout Mountain to be especially convenient because they can avoid the traffic hassles of Atlanta.  Third, most everyone looking for a piece of mountain property is concerned about price; this makes Lookout Mountain very attractive because the cost of land here is significantly less than areas such as Blue Ridge, Ellijay, and Toccoa, Georgia or places in the Carolina’s such as Cashiers, Highlands, and Ashville.   

We at Lookout Mountain Development Company and Lookout Mountain Real Estate, LLC love the area and the jobs we do.  We see our primary goal as introducing people to the area and exposing them to different properties and let the land do the work.  We like to think of it as selling a lifestyle and not just real estate.  So please take a break from your hectic schedule and come visit for a day and it might become the way you want to spend the rest of your life.

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